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AcasăEditorialeDorel Vișan, Laura and Ciprian Mega, on the red carpet in Moscow!...

Dorel Vișan, Laura and Ciprian Mega, on the red carpet in Moscow! The film „21 rubies” selected by Nikita Mikhalkov for the „BRICS Oscar”



Last night was the gala opening of the „BRICS FILM FESTIVAL 2024” festival in Moscow, under the patronage of the great Russian actor and director Nikita Mikhalkov. The Moscow festival is the second oldest and second most prestigious in the world, second to the one in Venice, but two years ago its accreditation was withdrawn due to the sanctions imposed as a result to the Ukrainian war. 320 films from all over the world are participating in the competition, but we are happy that the film „21 rubies”, directed by the Romanian Orthodox priest Ciprian Mega, was selected among the 9 finalist films. I received some pictures from the opening event, where our Romanians were also guests of honor.
In the images you can see our great and dear Dorel Vișan who, together with father Mega, frames the film’s producer, Laura Mega, on the red carpet. Oscar winner Nikita Mikhalkov, now 78 years old, also appears, as well as the famous Maria Zakharova who, although she only works in foreign policy, was invited to present an official message. In another picture you can see Zakharova talking to Ciprian Mega, and I joked with the priest, asking him if the Russian mentioned Iohannis, Ciolacu or Ciucă in the discussion. He answered no, and joked back, saying that she only asked him „who Coldea is”! In fact, in the discussion with Zakharova, the issue was raised of the fact that, spectacularly, our Romanian film manages to participate in the competition, despite the fact that Putin gets insulted and sworn at in certain scenes, which is inconceivable under the conditions of maximum censorship established on this theme in Russia.
So, friends, you must understand that it is a special event not only for Romanian cinema, but particularly because „21 rubies” is an exceptional synthesis of the current situation in Romania, which is dominated by the Deep State and treated as a colony, and the presentation of the Romanian film in the contest will thus generate important debates, including geopolitical ones.
Let’s keep our fingers crossed for our Romanians and hope for an important prize! GO ROMANIA!
Cozmin Gușa 
PS I am resuming my comment about the film here, as although it is not a professional critique, I think it will help you connect to the atmosphere created by the Romanian film at this festival.


„Last night I managed to see „21 rubies”, the film written and directed by the Orthodox priest Ciprian Mega. Being only a cinephile, not a film critic, I can’t launch into expert assessments, but I want to tell you briefly why I like the film and consider it an important and useful achievement, a must-see for those who want to better understand the infamous backstage of politics, justice, corruption, our relationship with the US-EU, respectively the causes of the decay within the Romanian Orthodox Church”, writes political analyst Cozmin Guşă on Facebook. 

„The most important thing to point out is related to the deep knowledge that Ciprian Mega has regarding the underground power games in Romania from recent years, respectively regarding the character and behavior of the decision-makers whose characters are present in the film, among whom you will find Klaus Iohannis, Romanian Patriarch Daniel, Laura Kovesi, Alina Bica, Florian Coldea, Prosecutor Portocală, Bishop Sofronie, and various other national or local leaders. The story of the production is woven around a young female prosecutor, chosen by the USA-EU to be promoted representing their burdensome interests, but being caught in the shackles of the pressures of the heads of the Romanian secret services, and hence a series of events and twists of the situation unfold, which correctly reveal the chaos that the leaders of the „colony called Romania” cause and live with, alongside their „subjects” who are looking for life solutions in a concentration camp environment.

The decay of the spiritual life is captured by recounting the pedantic details of the relationship inside the Romanian Orthodox, and this is the most painful part of the film, but welcome in the context of trying to block these excesses by revealing them, something that Ciprian Mega also aimed to do and succeeded in doing. The secret service networks that crippled our lives in the last decades are correctly represented and perceived through the action of the film, and the servitude before the Euro-Atlantic bosses is concretely exposed throughout the entire narrative.

The cast and interpretation of the actors is exceptional, from the international one represented by Mickey Rourke, Anthony Delon, Elisabeta Pellini, to the Romanian one, where you will find Dorel Vișan, Magda Catone, Răzvan Vasilescu, Carmen Tănase, Manuela Hărăbor, Dana Rogoz, Adrian Văncică, Mihai Sandu Gruia, Constantin Dinulescu, even Loredana Groza and Daniel Buzdugan, respectively Corina Moise, who played the main character.

Towards the end of the film, the character of Dorel Vișan, a former corrupt mayor, a prison inmate and with a lot of experience in evil, has an extraordinary monologue, with lesson value for the new people in power, through which he summarizes the stinking underground game that led to the societal decay of Romania. I mark here the plastic replica that describes everyone’s complicity in theft, „You caught us stealing wood from the forest, but you also warmed yourself by the fire!”, respectively the one that summarizes one of the Romanian brands that contributed to our decay over time: „We Romanians feed on betrayal, Miss Prosecutor!”

The movie „21 rubies” is playing in cinemas, I congratulate all those involved for their professionalism and courage, so I invite you to watch it, it’s well worth it!”, writes Gușă.


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