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AcasăEditorialeDragoș Bolbose, the new vice president of the Romanian Judo Federation. Marius...

Dragoș Bolbose, the new vice president of the Romanian Judo Federation. Marius Vizer gets beaten by Cozmin Gușă once more!



Elections were held yesterday for the position of vice president of the Romanian Judo Federation, and the Ordinary General Assembly of the FRJ, which takes place annually, was convened. It was necessary to fill the post left vacant by Aurelian Bădulescu, who had to resign, being elected as a member of the Romanian Court of Accounts. 123 members were present and 5 votes were cancelled. Candidates for the position of vice-president were: the Olympic champion Alina Dumitru, supported by Marius Vizer, and the coach of the junior Olympic team, Dragoș Bolbose, supported by Cozmin Gușă. Dragoș Bolbose won with 69 votes to 49, about 60% against 40%.

It is the first voting confrontation between the two, following the aggravation of the conflict that arose after the interview of Marius Vizer from Fanatik, in which the latter insulted and made numerous allegations regarding the president of the RJF, respectively following the complaints made to the National Sports Agency, whose the president is Elisabeta Lipă, at ​​the Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee, led by Mihai Covaliu, and at the international judo representative organizations, namely the European Judo Union, respectively at the International Judo Federation (IJF), as well as at the International Olympic Committee .

The stake was extremely high, the meeting was extremely tense, but in the end, it resulted in the victory of the man supported by Cozmin Gușă. We mention that it is the second defeat that Marius Vizer suffers in front of Cozmin Gușă, after the 2021 elections, in which the candidate supported by Marius Vizer, George Teșeleanu, was defeated in the elections for the position of president of the Federation, with 70 to 30, by Cozmin Gușă.

In addition, Cozmin Gușă made some comments today: “Vizer used Alina Dumitru, a former great champion, respected in Romanian sport, but especially in the world of Romanian judo, to whom I myself offered the position of vice-president 7 years ago, which Alina gave up after less than 2 years, if I remember correctly, also under the pressures of Marius Vizer, pressures one can imagine to be huge; the man has ruled world judo for nearly 20 years and has all the leverage at his disposal to apply pressure. In yesterday’s elections, the supporters of Vizer and Alina Dumitru used an arsenal of insults, defamations, lies, shouts, only the judo people know the truth, they have justice on their side, they were not intimidated and treated with detachment, even with humor, the great efforts dictated directly from Budapest by Marius Vizer, and the one who deserved it, Dragoș Bolbose, finally won the vote in a detached manner.

And speaking of Budapest and Vizer, you must know that not only the Romanian Judo Federation, but almost all sports federations in Romania, are true oases of sovereignty and patriotism, with people who actually fight daily for success and under the Romanian flag. From this point of view, be convinced that sport always outclasses politics. […] I am glad that Romanian judo offered a generally valid lesson yesterday, winning against the strongest team possible, a team consisting of the head of the world forum, plus an Olympic champion, but a team that did not have justice on its side and acted arbitrarily. The tactic used by the victors, by us, was also from judo, using the opponent’s strength against him, and the result was clear: ippon.”


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