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AcasăEditorialeGușă: Ron deSantis withdrew in favor of Trump. I think it's a...

Gușă: Ron deSantis withdrew in favor of Trump. I think it’s a Deep State trap aimed at preparing Nikki Haley’s candidacy



(transcription of the spoken editorial from the show „Ce-i în Gușă, și-n căpușă!” on GOLD FM)

Author: Cozmin Gușă

Yesterday, after analyzing the results in Iowa and considering the deployments of forces in recent days, Ron DeSantis, the governor of the state of Florida, made a sad public statement, in which he admitted his inability to get ahead of Donald Trump and withdrew, saying that he is retiring in favor of Donald Trump; I remind you that a week ago Vivek Ramaswamy, a guy I admire very much, of Indian origin, extremely intelligent, made this gesture. The result, for those of you who want to tune in to the US election campaign, is that the Republicans are left with just two candidates in the race: Donald Trump and Nikki Haley. She was a governor of an American state, but she is better known because the same Donald Trump nominated her in 2017 to be the ambassador of the United States to the United Nations, that is, he did this lady a favor.

Otherwise, the media landscape in the United States has shown us that even if the Democrat in the running today is Joe Biden, it could be, that a hypothesis from Gold FM issued a year and a half ago, almost two, that the Democratic candidate will be Michelle Obama, Barack Obama’s wife, is coming true. But back to DeSantis and his retirement. Ron DeSantis was put in this presidential race precisely so that he could build up enough support to become the nominee of the Republican party to the detriment of Donald Trump (remember his criticism of Trump, even though Trump has helped him a lot). To me, studying his biography and actions very closely, it is very clear that Ron DeSantis is someone well controlled by the iron hand of the Deep State, that is, the parallel state in America, and he had to fulfill this task of getting ahead of Donald Trump. Well, he didn’t do that, but he did manage to get two percentage points over Nikki Haley, which causes a big problem for the entire deep state in the US, because this candidate, Nikki Haley, is a raised, trained, promoted by the deep state, a girl who supports the LGBT movement, a girl who supports climate change, someone who doesn’t really belong in the republican party, but who, mind you, this is my hypothesis, was promoted and imposed as a counter-candidate to Trump precisely so that they manage not to break the system.

What happens through Ron DeSantis’ withdrawal? Nikki Haley moves into 2nd place and no matter how many votes she gets, probably around 10-15-20%, she will be the second candidate after Trump. I ask you: What if something happens to Trump? Nikki Haley will gain the Republican candidacy. And if Nikki Haley runs, she’s a very suitable opponent for Michelle Obama, who will beat Nikki Haley, and even if she doesn’t, the President of the United States will still be a man of the system, a man of the Deep State, that is, this Nikki Haley.

To reiterate, Ron DeSantis resigned at the command of the American deep state to leave Nikki Haley in second place. I ask you a rhetorical question: knowing how the 2020 election was won or rigged against Trump and in favor of Joe Biden, seeing what is happening inside the American state, seeing their pressure to impose atheism, LGBT, climate change, transgenders, and seeing as these are the richest and most powerful people in America and the world, do you think they are going to risk letting Trump win one more time? Oh, of course, it was a phalanx of the parallel state that helped Trump in 2016 to become president; you remember he had two million fewer votes than Hillary Clinton. It’s true. But today Trump is not necessarily anti-LGBT, but he is not a promoter of LGBT, he is anti-climat change, he is against atheism. I don’t think, in any case, that it will be allowed to generate a revolution in the United States, because then the whole construction of these world potentates, these multi-billionaires who also met in Davos the other day, will crumble. So my guess is that the withdrawal of Ron DeSantis was ordered by the shadow state, and I did that based on my guess that actually Trump’s removal from this race and Nikki Haley’s candidacy is being prepared. Then whether it will be against Michelle Obama or someone else remains to be seen; I bet, however, that the parallel state is preparing a final between two women, Nikki Haley and Michelle Obama, which will ultimately be won by Michelle Obama. We will find out soon enough.


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