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AcasăEditorialeGușă: The decision to donate the PATRIOT system is deadly for Romania,...

Gușă: The decision to donate the PATRIOT system is deadly for Romania, from now on we are at war and in great danger. Iohannis, Ciolacu, Geoană, are now in history’s garbage bin!



Romania will donate a PATRIOT missile system to Ukraine! The decision was made this afternoon during the Supreme Council of National Defense (CSAT) meeting. Also today, President Klaus Iohannis announced the withdrawal of his candidacy for the position of NATO chief and Romania’s support for Mark Rutte in his quest for the position of NATO Secretary General. In an intervention on Realitatea Plus, political analyst Cozmin Gușă, independent candidate in the presidential elections, presented the extremely serious and immediate consequences of the CSAT decision in the current unstable geopolitical context.

Romania will donate the PATRIOT system to Ukraine on the condition that it receives a similar or equivalent system in return to cover the need for national airspace protection.

„The decision made today is a deadly option for Romania!” warned Cozmin Gușă. The political analyst explained that: „Romania is not just losing the billion or billions involved in donating this system. Romania is losing much more. It is losing the autonomy to negotiate its geopolitical potential because what I see is that today, on the day of the Summer Solstice, we can actually mark the extinction of Romania’s foreign policy. Agreeing to such a donation (note, without having already received other military items or facilities at the time of the donation) shows that we cannot negotiate. Today we are effectively marking our status, not as a partner of the United States, but as a vassal. However, even this status is not fully met. Why? It is assumed that the hegemon protects its vassals in case of war. That’s the textbook definition. But at the same time, it is assumed that the suzerain (which is the exact term for the hegemon) consults with the vassal. This did not happen! It simply came as an order, and from now on we are factually a target for Russia in the conflict with Ukraine, and the Russians will say that also legitimately. They have warned several times in the last two months, from Putin down the political ladder, that European countries (NATO countries, but the European ones are closer), which participate with superior military resources in Ukraine’s war effort, become targets in Russia’s national defense strategy.

Today (and that’s why I say it’s a deadly decision), we are a country with extremely weak military facilities, the weakest in this part of NATO, we are a country almost without an army (we have a few tens of thousands; we can’t compare with Poland, which already has 200,000), we are very weak, unprotected, America is far away, and the couple Klaus Iohannis-Marcel Ciolacu practically, from this moment, puts us all on alert. From today, June 20, after this decision, we cannot be sure if we will sleep well and not wake up, God forbid, with the houses around us destroyed. The situation is this severe, and there is absolutely nothing to refute this claim. The Romanian Government, this so eager candidate, Marcel Ciolacu, who has told us 400 times in 4 years that he will not run for president, should have given a negative opinion in CSAT so that Iohannis’ decision could be blocked. The government knows and is responsible, through its ministries, for what this decision implies; through the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Interior, through other bodies, including the Ministry of Finance (as we will be in serious financial trouble), know what this decision implies. So, from today we are at war!”.

Coalition government leaders decided today, at the PSD-PNL (the two parties forming the coalition) meeting, to organize the presidential elections in September. There are two scenarios: either the first round will be held on September 15 and the second round on September 29, or the election will be postponed to September 29 and October 13. PSD and PNL have not yet decided whether to present a joint candidate or separate candidates, but more and more voices from the liberals say that the most suitable candidate would be Nicolae Ciucă, while the PSD leader Marcel Ciolacu declared that he would only enter the race if the elections remain in September.

„From today, not only Klaus Iohannis, but also Marcel Ciolacu, along with Mircea Geoană, these three characters have a future in the garbage bin of history. Today’s decision is so serious that no future president of Romania (including me, if I win) can resolve the mess into which these people have thrown us in time, on one hand the Iohannis-Ciolacu couple, on the other hand Geoană, as NATO Deputy Secretary General, who had nothing to say. People who do not know much cannot imagine how large and dangerous Russia’s military arsenal is. Russia is playing with Europe militarily at this moment, it is not facing any problems. And Russia, together with China, dominates the entire NATO bloc, along with the United States. And the wars are ongoing: we have the war in Ukraine, near us; we have the war in the Gaza Strip, where Israel no longer respects international decisions and which can escalate; we have the possible conflict in Taiwan, luckily for us it is further away, but we are close to these two aforementioned wars. So we don’t even have to talk about elections with much hope. Listen to me! We are in an extremely delicate position until these elections; whether they will be in September or November, from today we have crossed the line in the Russian point of view and, pay attention, we did it after being warned several times. I don’t want to scare anyone. I know it’s summer, it’s vacation time, but friends, viewers, understand that this decision puts us in Russia’s target, and they have considered and declared that an attack would be legitimate in their point of view because we are supporting their enemy. Romania is at war today, as a result of the decision of these three, regardless in what order you name them, Iohannis, Ciolacu, and Geoană, whose future place is in the garbage bin of history,” explained Cozmin Gușă.


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