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AcasăEditorialeGusa: We make ISIS claim the carnage in Moscow, and we use...

Gusa: We make ISIS claim the carnage in Moscow, and we use the media to upset the world with Kate’s cancer, since that’s why Obama went to London. How convenient, but what transhumanist cruelty!



Author: Cozmin Gusa

This year started bloody, with the carnage in Iran which was organised at the commemoration of General Qasem Soleimani, where about 100 civilians were killed. The blame fell on ISIS, which I had not heard of for a long time, but those of us who comment on geopolitics agree that it was in fact US’ retaliation against Iran for their backing of the Houthi Red Sea blockade.

Last night, ISIS was also the organisation made to take responsibility for another massacre, on the outskirts of Moscow, where several hundred concertgoers were injured and at least 60 dead. ISIS is a Muslim terrorist organization, sponsored and used in the last decade by the CIA in various conflicts in the Arab world, so no one doubts that the attack was ordered from the US, the only uncertainty being who exactly the terrorists were. The Americans stepped crookedly anyway, not even an hour had passed since the attack and, with no concrete data about the attackers and weaponry, the White House security adviser, John Kirby, was informing the world that under no circumstances could we talk about Ukraine’s involvement in the carnage. The statement issued by the US embassy in Moscow two weeks ago, warning its Americans in Russia not to participate in public events such as last night’s concert, also gained relevance last night. It could be a fluke, but it could also be much more than that! Why would the US order such attacks, precisely in Moscow and on civilians, attacks that suggest desperation?! Because it is about desperation, the Americans made a mistake with the war in Ukraine, already de facto lost, they imposed economic sanctions on Russia in a wrong, uneffective way, and now Putin can boast of consolidated economic growth, Trump is dominating the electoral campaign, and the Deep State is remaining on the playing field with only one political player of the shameful level of Biden, the end of the current American regime of power being already certain. The crew coordinated by Barack Obama and represented by Biden therefore needs tragic and excessive events, like the one provoked last night in Moscow, in the hope that Putin will respond proportionately and introduce the planet to a logic of total war. In such a situation, there is the extreme opportunity to block the electoral process in the USA under the motivation of the war for the defense of the country for Obama&Company. Namely, the last alternative left for them to postpone their political death. What I am writing here is well known to the Russians as well, so it is clear that they will not give satisfaction to the Americans, they will prefer other methods of response, but regardless try to publicly dismantle the sham of assuming the attack by ISIS.

I add here another event that seems coordinated with what happened in Moscow last night, namely the public announcement of Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, about the cancer she suffers from. The press started talking alarmingly about her condition a few days ago, and in response, the princess recorded 3 days ago (!) a short statement for the BBC. This statement of huge interest was broadcast only last night, exactly during the unfolding of the carnage in Moscow. As if on cue, the TV stations in the USA and Great Britain began broadcasting it as breaking news, leaving the Moscow attack in the background, and the moderators’ announcement made with them already dressed in black mourning clothes (CNN , BBC, NBC, etc.) even though we’re not talking about any foreseeable death and Kate will likely recover quickly. It is clear to specialists that this is being set up to diminish the importance and effect of the carnage in Russia, but it can be even clearer for everyone if we consider Barack Obama’s strange London visit from a few days ago in the same vein. Ceremoniously, but without offering any statements, he visited the British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, at his residence in London, and in the absence of any clarifications related to the benefit of the discussion with a retired US president, no one can convince me that this discussion I didn’t exactly target the unfolding scenario of what I told you.

It seems incredible that the world has reached the stage of provoking some tragic events and using others for media coverage, but it was predictable in the conditions where such weak leaders have come to hold so much power. There are happenings and events to actually describe the transhumanism that, in the Western world, is already solidly installed!


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