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AcasăEditorialeThe Israel-Palestinian War worsens because of the conflict of opinion between Biden...

The Israel-Palestinian War worsens because of the conflict of opinion between Biden and Obama. The explanation of the detonation of the Gaza hospital!



Author: Cozmin Gușă

In this analysis I want to explain to you the major pro-Palestinian approach in the US media and civil society, which, surprisingly, comes in contradiction with the pro-Israel position of the White House, as expressed by Biden’s embarrassing visit to Tel Aviv. From the beginning, I remind you of the publicly proven hypothesis that Barack Obama, Biden’s former boss, controls much of the American discreet power, and so you can explain, for example, the anti-Israel and anti-Netanyahu positions of Harvard universities or CNN journalists. The relationship of adversity that the former American president has with Bibi Netanyahu is notorious in the USA.

I will present to you an eloquent episode I witnessed about 11 years ago, in Washington. I had organized a visit for a group of Romanian parliamentarians who wanted to strengthen their relations with the US power environment. Among the scheduled events there was the participation in the AIPAC Congress (the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee), where about 10,000 American Jews were present. There was great tension in the hall, which our guide, an influential Jewish loving Romania, explained to me as being caused by the possible clash between Bibi Netanyahu, then prime minister of Israel, present at the event, and US President Barack Obama, who had been invited to give a speech, but who was unsure of his attendance at the event, precisely because of his adversity towards the much-lauded Bibi. Well, Obama came, and the moment he stepped into the presidium, our guide, in a moment of exaggerated emotion, told us to turn our backs on the rostrum in order to defy Obama, as many Jews around us had already done. We quickly blocked the childish initiative of our guide, so we attended the Obama-Bibi glacial meeting, then the good but weakly applauded speech of the US President, the one of Netanyahu, received with great enthusiasm, and then came the break and we left. Later on, taking our Jew aside to hold him accountable for the stupid act he had done and to ask him what caused such a behavior, he explained to me, after apologizing, that Obama is not one of them and that he does not love Bibi or Israel because he has Muslim origins, and his policy is one of adversity to the Jews of the Middle East, caused by the way they treat the Palestinian cause, so he somehow deserved such a defiant treatment. Developing the subject, he showed me that Obama’s name was also Hussein, a name given by his father of Kenyan origin and Muslim religion, and, after his death, Barack was raised by his adoptive father, who was also an Indonesian of Muslim religion, so this explains Obama’s adversity towards Netanyahu and towards Israel’s interests in the Middle East, as well as his dedication to the Palestinian cause. I understood then that the Jews look at Barack Hussein Obama!

Judging the exodus of Muslims to EU countries from this perspective (I will no longer develop here the US-Israel deficient relationship from 2008-2016), initiated in Obama’s mandates, inspired by Soros’ strategies, Obama’s friend, an exodus facilitated and motorized by the former Chancellor Angela Merkel, the closest political leader to the former US President (as evidenced by the public confessions of the two), one can better explain the recent past of the subject.

Returning to Biden’s visit to Israel, which appeared strange, forced, with results strongly challenged in the American media and civil society, I remind you that it was scheduled as having a component of meetings with Palestinian representatives, part which was canceled precisely by destroying the hospital in Gaza, causing hundreds of deaths, respectively by the violent protests of the Palestinians. From here we understand the premeditation; you know that I believe that the hospital was bombed on the order of Netanyahu, who in this way managed to remove the representatives of the Palestinian cause from the negotiations of the moment. Somehow we can understand that the part of the American approach to defusing the conflict through talks with the Palestinians, inspired by the US power zone controlled by Obama, being cancelled in this way, will generate a great internal political war in America, a war easily predicted from the harsh criticism of most journalists of Biden and the White House, the same ones who unreservedly supported the US policies until yesterday, including the disastrous ones related to the Ukrainian war.

There is much more to say and speculate, it is clear that we are talking about a great conflict at the top of American power due to different positions on Jews and Palestinians in the Middle East. I will develop the explanations in the following days. For now, it is clear that Israel and Netanyahu are caught in quicksand. Partisan and amateur positions such as those of the European or Romanian politicians (who do not understand anything about the complexity of the situation!), do not help the Jews of Israel at all. The major decisions will be made at Washington, and they can greatly disturb the terrible new conflict, which is only in its infancy.




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