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AcasăEditorialeHellvig lays out some of the causes of the current Israeli war....

Hellvig lays out some of the causes of the current Israeli war. Erdogan deciphers the rest, which is related to the geostrategic reorientation of the Middle East.



Author: Cozmin Gușă

Through a post on the X platform (formerly Twitter), Eduard Hellvig (former powerful Romanian Internal Secret Service Chief) presented part of the causes that led Israel to the current situation of installed war yesterday, correctly identifying that the „spark” that ignited the situation was the reform of the Israeli judiciary: „In March this year, several prominent military reservists wrote to Bibi that the brutal constitutional reform he wants will weaken Israel’s national security. Ehud Barak, Moshe Yaalon, Dan Halutz (former chiefs of staff), Nadav Argaman, Yuval Diskin, Carmi Gilon, Jacob Perry (former Shin Bet), Tamir Pardo (former Mossad), Uzi Arad (former national security adviser) have warned that the abolition of democracy is a threat to the existence of the state of Israel. In another letter, all the living heads of Mossad said pretty much the same thing. Seven months later, confirmation came tragically. ” (stiripesurse.ro)

In addition to providing the names of all the former heads of the Israeli army and secret services grouped against Netanyahu, it is worth noting that Hellvig talks about the „threat to the existence of the state of Israel”, a fatal but correct thesis, which I have also supported since a week ago, and which the aligned press is afraid to expose. In this context, I remind you that at Gold Fm we have analyzed many times in recent months that the Netanyahu government was under pressure from the US, which organized and supported the protest demonstrations against the Israeli justice reform. It was somehow natural, since the Americans have always controlled the judicial decisions in Israel, thus managing to intimidate or overthrow any government that did not follow the line dictated by Washington. Bibi Netanyahu is indeed a corrupt politician (show me one who isn’t), but very intelligent, and he foresaw the reorientation of geopolitics in the Middle East, exemplified by the recent co-optation of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Iran into BRICS+, and consequentially the need to reset the geopolitics of Israel, a country like an island in the middle of an „Arab sea”. Add to this the friendly relationship that Bibi has with Putin, because of which he was often labeled during the Ukrainian war as Russia’s man, but also the Israeli prime minister’s rapprochement with China, Xi Jinping recently inviting him to a historical-strategic visit to Beijing this aytumn, In summary, by nullifying American influences in the judiciary, thus escaping the yoke of the US, Netanyahu was preparing his terrain with the purpose of Israeli diplomatic equilibration between the three power poles, Russia, US and China, the only feasible and long-lasting solution through which Israel can continue its existence in the Middle East, in the middle of the “Arab sea”, thus in a turbulent and adversarial environment dominated by Islamist revenge plans for the past decades of suffering caused by Israelis with American support and protection.

This was well suggested by the president of Turkey, who accused the sending of an American aircraft carrier to the region, but also mocked the American secretary of state, who foolishly said that he, on an official visit to Jerusalem, approaches Israel „as Jew, not as secretary of state”. Erdogan replied: „American Secretary of State [ Antony Blinken] says ‘I approach Israel as a Jew, not as a secretary of state’. What kind of approach is this? If, in response, people tell you that they would approach the region as a Muslim, what would you say? You should approach people as people”. they will have to keep that in mind.

The Israeli equation is therefore one that will be difficult to solve, and if it is not approached with wisdom and consideration we will wake up with the deadliest armed conflict since the Second World War, I fear that if Netanyahu and his supporters, with the encouragement of the US, will launch the attack on civilians in Gaza, the response will be devastating and will target the civilian population and infrastructure in Israel, and the death toll, including Jews, will quickly be in the millions. And as a result, as I said at the beginning of the article, the question of the survival of the State of Israel will really arise.


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