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AcasăGold FMMan of the Day, Vladimir Putin. "The Christian who asks for peace".

Man of the Day, Vladimir Putin. „The Christian who asks for peace”.



Author: Cozmin Gușă

Today’s „Man of the Day” is Vladimir Putin, the Christian who calls for peace. Last night, Gold FM friends, came the first major power intervention urgently demanding lasting peace negotiations in the Israeli war. In a way I expected, this country was Russia, which, through Putin’s voice, quoting from stiripesurse.ro , urgently demands the avoidance of any conflict in the area that could degenerate in a fatal way for humanity. In the same intervention, Putin did not fail to record the negative role of the United States of America in this conflict, saying that „the explosion of violence between Israel and the Palestinians is a living example of the failure of the policy of the United States of America in the Middle East”, which he says that they did not take into account the needs of the Palestinians.
Of course, Putin’s position is only partially legitimate, given that Russia and he are among the protagonists of the current war in Ukraine, which has so far resulted in more than 500,000 victims. This is also the reason why I declare him today „Man of the Day”, but on a gray background, and not white, as it happens in most cases. Putin has another problem with his approach; I suspect that he is among the underground and discreet players, along with Erdogan, on the Azeri-Armenian model in Nagorno-Karabakh, who forced the exposure of this old Israeli-Palestinian conflict in order to reset the balance of forces in the world.
By the way, maybe you remember or maybe you read on Saturday, the day the conflict broke out, I did this analysis and it still seems to be valid valid, so I will quote it to you. On Saturday afternoon, I said that „Russia is gradually taking over the military role and authority that the US had before the Ukrainian war. After settling the more than 35-year-old conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh by humiliating the Americans and siding with the Azerbaijanis, Putin is now trying the same in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Geopoliticians know that the Palestinian attacks are sponsored by Iran, which would not have launched such an attack without the prior consent of Russia. For its part, Israel and Netanyahu are in a position of strategic dependence on Putin’s regime, given the visible conflict of Bibi’s government with the triplet that leads America today, namely Obama-Biden-Nuland. The Russian intervention exposed by the current news (Russia intervenes in the conflict in Israel – the Kremlin demands an immediate cease-fire (stiripesurse.ro)), suggests the Kremlin is playing a sophisticated game, and the next hours and days will bring new developments along the lines I have briefly exposed. It is clear, however, that the situation is much more difficult to consolidate than in the case of Nagorno-Karabakh!”
Let’s see, friends, if my hypothesis remains valid. For now it is. Anyway, it is worth noting that today Putin is playing the role of the Orthodox Christian who wants to bring peace; if he succeeds, he will be forgiven of many sins.


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